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The glory of the youths is in their strength…
I and my colleagues had a meeting with our boss today. It was a wonderful opportunity to demand for an increment in salary and agitate for our better welfares. Instead of listening to our complaints, he sat us down and share the following with us.

The best time to repair a broken roof is when the sun is still shinning -J. F. Kennedy, the best time to start working for yourself is now!. Entrepreneurs are persons who thrives for success and takes on risk by starting their own venture and services.

Have u heard of Adi drasler, the cobbler who founded Adidas? Our boss asked. He started at the age of 20!.

Have you heard of Igvar kampard, the founder of IKEA, the furniture company?. He started young at the age of 17!.

Have you heard of Mark Zuckerberg?, he started at the age of 21!.

Have you heard of Aliko Dangote, he started at the age of 7, he started selling sweets at the age of 7 to his classmates when he was in primary school!.

Have you heard of Steve Jobs?. He co-founded Apple at the age of 21 with Steve Wozniak!.

What’s your excuse for not starting now. Now is the time to start, I know that you have many questions, I put it to you that your questions will attract the people with the right answers. You just have to start now!.

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