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Mr Comforter continued his speech: “You have the power to be break free from all forms of addictions”. There was a complete silence in the whole room. Finally, Sam raised up his hands to ask a question: “You really mean I have the power to break free?… Oh, then why do I struggle with breaking free from porn and overfeeding”… others have their own but that’s mine. Then the people in the whole room started to talk, Oh yes, which power are you talking about?.

Actually guys, it is not the physical power in your muscles and bones that will help you to break free, neither is it your strong mental power that will enable you to break free. It is the Holy Spirit, the power of the Almighty on the inside of you that will empower you to break free, Mr Comforter replied.

It is the power of the Holy Spirit in you that will empower you to do what is right and get rid of all evil habits you are indulging in.

For Phil 2:13: “For it is God who is producing in you both the desire and the ability to do what pleases him.” ISV.

However, God won’t be able to manifest His Power in you until you surrender to His Lordship and ask the Holy Spirit to take charge completely.

Shall we say a prayer ?. Every body recite after me:

“Father thank you for you have not forsaken me,

Thank you for your Love, tender mercies and kindness towards me

I am sorry for putting toxic drugs into my body (Your Holy Temple)

I am sorry for beholding dirty video clips with the eyes I should be using to read your Holy Word.

Thank you for you are great in mercy, your mercies endure forever.

Thank you for your Spirit in within me that will teach me the way to go henceforth

I hereby ask your Holy Spirit come and take charge of my life completely that I may continually do that which pleases you.

Together, everybody say “AMEN”

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