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It’s funny, many people are comfortable indulging in the habits which they know that is bad. To show how proud they are about it, they make videos of themselves pulping flames of cigarettes, indulging in sex to show good they feel about it.

However, in case you don’t know, below are the ways those acts have been affecting you:

Your habit is affecting your Finance

In the world we live today we see doping kings as rich kings. But I have never seen or heard of a chronic doper became the world’s richest man or build stadia, sponsor research, provide aids to help relieve people suffering as a result of natural disasters. Why?. The money a doper makes no matter how big it is will be used to buy more dopes.

That’s why dopers go broke. The habit of excessive drinking, smoking, or sexual indulgence is digging too deep into your finances. That’s what is killing your business!. It’s high time you took urgent action against it.

Your habit is affecting your Marriage and Relationship

When was the last time you had a great time with your spouse and children?. When was the last time you had time to discuss mind bothering issues with your fiancé?. It’s being a while right?.

So what do you do with your time?

Doping… Flirting… gulping booze…?

So when you are together, you are already dozing, tired or all you want is to sip the booze, a puff of the weed. No wonder interpersonal relationship. It is becoming boring to you daily… no wonder, you are going in and out of relationships.

Your habit is affecting your Health

Did you know that you are looking older than your age?. Did you know that you are getting out of shape already, did you know that you find it difficult to make intelligent decisions now?… That’s what your bad habits are doing to you. It’s predisposing you to chronic ailments, you must stop it, it’s making you lose that classy figure and body shape you once had. You must stop it NOW

Your habit is affecting your Emotions

Did you know that most people try to avoid you now?. It’s because you are too negative now. You hardly find any zeal in anything other than booze, cigar, weed. You lack motivation, opportunities fly past you and you only sit down, watch and criticize.

Your life is worth more than this, you are more than this. Make a decision now, it’s time to broke free

Your habit is affecting your Confidence

Did you know that your confidence level is affected by your habits? You feel bad when people see you indulging in it and you quickly want to cover up. As a result, you lack confidence being around people because you feel they know about what you are engaging in.

Hello, break the habit now and get your confidence back.

Are you determined to break free?

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