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My mind is young, I know little. I have high imagination power, I am inquisitive and I want to know more, I couldn’t get anyone to give me the right information I needed and this made me see things differently. I can see a better way to do what I have in mind at heart. The bible says young men shall see visions says Joel 2:28 after all.

Eureka, the idea is here!. I jumped off the bed to share it with my friends, to my amazement; it was received with criticism. I shared it on social media and I got a few likes and no comment. In anger, I shouted: “Why is no one thinking as I am?”.

My shout woke my old man, he asked why I shouted so loud? I explained to him. Here is what he told me:

  1. Young men shall indeed see visions

God’s promise for men was that, His spirit shall be upon them and their sons and daughters shall prophesy… young men shall see visions. Are you young?. The vision of what you are called to become on earth shall be revealed unto you if you have the spirit of the highest in you. Congratulations to you for having an idea of how the future should be my son. Please note that not everybody is entitled to know about your ideas and your upcoming inventions.

  1. Visions should be shared with visionaries

My son, your vision, your ideas and your upcoming inventions should only be shared with visionaries like you. There are may negative critics out there that are ready to criticize you out of your vision. Many want you to drop it!. Your high imagination power is due to the youthfulness of your heart. You don’t want to be talked out of your inventions, do you?.

  1. Talk less, work more

Talk less about your visions, your goals, and your dream. But rather, put it down in writing. The bible says: Write the vision down and make the strategy to be used to see it come true plain upon the tablet, so that you may run with it. The coming of your dreams into reality is for an appointed time. Don’t be discouraged along the way if it doesn’t work out as planned on time, keep making amendments along the way, keep re-strategizing for at the end it shall become reality (Hab. 2:2-3 paraphrased).

  1. Visions are to be pursued

Visionaries are the die-hard pursuer, they are not quitters. Visionaries will face defeats many times. But defeat notwithstanding, they come back again and again stronger. COME BACK POWER is the only power you need to see your vision become a reality.

  1. The result is all that matters

My son, you have got be to result conscious. Your result is what cancels all arguments. Everything worth building well is built in silence. So, therefore, keep your mouth shut and build. Silence will shield you from distractions. How long will it take you to build your dream?.

The existence of man is too short, therefore keep your mouth shut, build quickly, build on time!.

  1. Did you remember?
  • Saul, the first king of Israel had to keep his mouth shut even after he had been anointed the first king of Israel (1Sam. 10:15-16).
  • Mark Zuckerberg built Facebook in silence.
  • Steve Jobs and his co-founders built apple in silence, they didn’t go to the media to share their embryonic ideas when their building was still in progress.
  • Jesus built for 30 years before he launched forth a ministry that will last for eternity.

Stay silent, gather information and build big. Remember that everything worth building well is built in silence.

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