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Business is widely accepted to be defined as the activity or enterprise one involve oneself for the sole purpose of making profit through the sale of goods and services.

That is, if it’s not profit making, it is not a business. Having known this, the following are some of things every profit making venture most know.
A business is a difference making venture!

There was a popular story of a construction engineer that always wear red helmet, who became the manager just after two years of joining a construction company. When interviewed by a journalist on the secret to its rapid promotion in the company. He said: I stand out of the workers. I am very hardworking, but I noticed that my hard work will not be noticed if I wear what others wear, so I choose to wear red helmet, with this when I am operating the mixer, I get noticed, when I am operating the lever, I get noticed.
Denzel Washington said: do not aspire to just make a living, aspire to make a difference. What make a product stand out of others is the difference!.

  • It’s all about the quality: many businesses have run down due to the fact that their owners are in haste to make too much profit, they thereby tamper with the quality of their products which eventually lead to decrease in the demand for their products and services.
  • Timely delivery: Almost every one love one’s tea to be served early and warm. So it is, when customers order are delayed, they tend to find another vendor who will provide the product whom they desire on time.
  • Branding: its all about the brand, your brand is what makes you to stand out amidst competitors. Branding deals with your trade name, design and slogans and other distinguishing features that makes you stand out.
  • Customer service relationship: Good customer service skills is another important character a business owner must have. Imagine a chocolate seller who doesn’t smile to the kids that comes to his shop to purchase chocolate.
  • GIVE BACK: This is the secret of getting more, the earth is in constant motion, so it is, the profit is not just meant for you to re-invest into the venture. Invest into the people whom you made the profit from.

Business is not just a profit making venture, it is about the quality of your goods and services, timely delivery, good customer service relationship and an avenue to give back.
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