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We live in a society where waiting for instruction and approval before proceeding to take action is highly esteemed. Children are raised to take every instruction before undertaking any task. Some guardians even decide for their wards on what to study, where to study and the normal way to even live without giving them any option to explore or find out what is the difference between what’s wrong and what’s not. 

However, waiting for approval is very good and I strongly encourage waiting, for it limits the number of mistakes one will have to make. But when one have to wait for approval till the passion one have dies, I disagree!.

The scripture says: the glory of the youths is in their strength. But, strength diminishes with age.

The reason why youths stop taking steps today is that they waited too long for friends, neighbour, and family’s approval. As good as we need friend, neighbours and family. They are only meant to guild and advise us. They are meant to impose decision on us.

No wonder many are bored in the process of waiting and channel their aggression of having to wait too long into domestic and social violence.

As the year is almost over, you have waited too too long by the  pool of Bethesda. The scripture says: whosoever shall step into the water first shall be made whole. Therefore, take up your mat and walk!.

Rise up and move towards actualising and transforming your passion into a profitable venture. Why sit at the same spot awaiting approval till you die?. Engage the gear and move forward. Your movement is what will determine your helpers’ movement towards you. The more you move the closer you are to your destination.

Here is a point to note: Those who you are waiting on for approval have even forgotten that you are still in the sitting room waiting. Therefore MOVE!.

Your vision is the clear picture of your glorious future.  PURSUE!.

This article was inspired by Prov. 20:29, John 5:1-15.


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