We all need to step out and do what God has called us to do on earth. Abraham had to step out of his father’s house to enter into the promised land. (Gen12; Heb. 11:8). Just as God spoke to Abraham, He yet speaks to us today. He speaks via inner voice, He speaks via conviction, a time he speaks via the mouth of friends and family saying: “Come out of the rat race and follow your dreams headlong with a promise of thou shall surely prosper in it”. The big question often asked by people God speaks to is “How do I go about it?” Below are helpful tips:
  1. Seek answers
Pick up your mobile device, switch on your desktop device and explore the beautiful search engines for your answers: Google, Yahoo, Bing, Ask(.)com
  1. Journal your answers
It is possible to have more than one answer. It is possible to have an alternative answer to every question. Therefore, make a list of the answers you got and the basis of which one will be more effective, efficient and faster to accomplish.
  1. Seek advice
Many are they that have gone ahead of us… the book of Ecclesiastes even said that there is nothing new under the sun (Eccl. 1:9). Consult the people that have gone ahead of you… mentors are meant to make us make fewer mistakes. Too many mistakes may make journeys slow, boring and full regrets… You don’t wanna make too many mistakes, you know?.  
  1. Wait, ready to launch out?... Seek direction
Many are the ways that seemeth right in the sight of men, but the end is destruction (Prov 14:12). Be like David who always asks the Lord: “Shall I pursue?” before taking actions. Tell Him your plans. God still hears prayers. He is a righteous God, he will not leave you without an answer.
  1. How do I know that God’s answer has come?
You know that answers have been delivered to you when all your fear and worries are gone and when you have received the full conviction to PURSUE.
  1. Launch out
Start with what you have Be on the go Through the night season; Be on the go Come rain, come sunshine, Be open-minded When you reach the T- junction; The direction will come through Because helpers will come through. Hey reader, God doesn’t want you to abort any dream that why He swore by His name that he will never leave you nor forsake you. When Abram set out from the land of Ur to the promised land, I am sure that he does not know that Canaan will be the promised land, neither does he know that the way to the place. GOD GAVE ABRAM DIRECTION ON HIS WAY TO THE PROMISE LAND. God gives direction on a need to know basis- that’s the story of Abraham. Launch Out!. Bibliography School of the Spirit- Robert Liardon The Holy Bible Patronize Us Buy Domain from us