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Invest with us and get 200 percent interest after 30 days. This is real, check out the testimonies from our investors. The higher you invest, the higher your cash out. This is the fastest and hottest way to make money in town now. Do you know that fresh guy living beside you house?, that’s what he does. If you continue doing this little business of yours, when will you make it big?. Your mates make hundred of thousands monthly from the system. Those are the language of Ponzi schemers.
Ponzi scheme was devised by an Italian Con artist called Charles Ponzi in 1919 in USA, the system crashed in 1920 leaving him in debt and to face lawsuit and imprisonment.
I, the author of this article had once been a victim of such Scheme, I remembered when I collected my undergraduate final project money from my parents in September, 2016. I got to school, with a huge sum of money in my account, I aimed at increasing the money, by investing it in a business in order to get additional money. We all attract what so ever we think about AFTERALL, immediately I got to school, I started meeting people that that kept on introducing me to different attractive ponzi schemes that will turn the amount invested into millions in a month. I opted for them, I invested in all and I in lost all. I had to cut my expenses and divert my pocket money to do the project. I had to go days on unpleasant meal and hunger fast at times just to see my final year project completed.
Ponzi scheme promises a guaranteed high returns on the money invested. Firms that operate ponzi scheme do not register with Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) for Nigeria or Security exchange Commission for foreign companies. Clients are deprived of the opportunity to view such firm official paperwork for their investment. The scheme a times requires each client to refer or convince other innocent people to invest into the system before they can get paid. Most firms are online, you can’t easily trace their office in your environment.

  • Social Harm: I can still remember vividly of intending couples that invested the money to be used for their upcoming wedding ceremony in ponzi schemes with the intention of getting double of it from the scheme when it crashed in 2016, thus leading to break up. I remembered stories of parents who invested their wards school fees in ponzi scheme in order to get a higher returns, which made their wards to miss their crucial examinations and sent out of school.
  • Academic Harm: The major academic harm done to investors who are students is lack of concentration. I remember, when I invested my undergraduate project money in a ponzi Scheme, to concentrate in class was very difficult, I was always trying to check my online account whenever lectures is ongoing to see how my investment is growing.
  • Physical and Health Harm: There are many stories of people that developed terminal ailment as a result of depression and died of heart failure after losing their life savings to ponzi scheme. Don’t be a victim!

Damage on ones Financial know how: involving oneself in such scheme robs one of what a true business and entrepreneurship is all about.

  • Think: Don’t be caught up in the euphoria of high returns offer such scheme can provide. Take time to get information before investing.
  • Research the opportunities online: Every Ponzi schemes have name, take the advantages of the Internet to get information about the scheme and how it operates.
  • Make enquiries friends: Ask questions from friends and close associates about the scheme before investing.
  • Contact your financial institution: Make inquiry from your bank officials to know if the offer is legitimate.
    However, our recommendation is that you stay with what you do and grow it
  • Avoid impulse buying: This involve avoiding the buying of goods that are not budgeted just because of how attractive the goods were.
  • Budgeting: Have a well written plan of what to spend your money on and what to forgo
  • Inculcate the habit of record keeping in your business: Always keep record of your income and expenditure.
  • Have a good cash flow management: Cash flow in business will be effectively measured with the aid of a good record keeping system. Cash flow management pertains to measuring of one’s income and expenditure. The importance of this is to curtail excessive spending. This help us to ensure that what we spend per time what is not higher than our income.
  • Have a very good advertising system: The reality is that what we don’t advertise won’t sell. To assume that everyone knows what we sell is a big mistake. Out of mind is out sight, we have got to be consistent with the advertisement of our products to

Life itself is a risk, you may say. However, we advise you take pre-calculated and informed risk.
The destiny of all Ponzi Schemes is CRASH!. Be warned, be smart, don’t be a victim!.
We hope you found this article helpful. If you did, kindly share with friends and family.

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  1. Really interesting and true, I’ve a specially reserved beating for anyone that dares introduce any ponzi scheme to me.

    Thanks for sharing!

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