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So many questions we all asked when we were young:

  • Why is my nose flat while my friends had a pointed nose?
  • Why do I have wooly hair while my friends have curly hair?
  • Why am I dark in complexion while my neighbors are light in complexion?
  • Why am I tall while my siblings are short in stature.


Welcome to molecular biology, the field where you will get to know all the answers to the above listed questions.

The reason for the difference between individuals from the same traits is better explained by using the following concepts:

  1. Genetics
  2. Heredity
  3. Variation
  4. The central dogma of molecular biology

Genetics refers to as the study of genes and their heredity. Gene is a segment of Nucleic acid (DNA in eukaryotes and bacteria or RNA in viruses).

Heredity deals with the transmission of a particular quality from parents to their young ones. While variations are the observable physical differences such as shape and complexion between organisms of the same species. The central dogma of molecular biology refers to the expression of genetic information present in the nucleic acid (DNA) of an organism in external feature through the process of transcription and translation.

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