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How am I straitened till it be accomplished!

Ideas are butterflies, they are beautiful and carry agents of beauty and continuity (pollen grains) to whichever flower they come in contact with,  but only the flower with matured stigma accepts the beautiful agents which it carries!.

Ideas are like butterflies, they fly from one flower to another. They don’t have the whole day to stay on one flower, only the prepared mind grab hold unto ideas!.

Ideas are like rain water,  they fall to the ground and in a couple minutes, they are nowhere to be found anymore.  Only a people with containers get keep a portion of it for use!.

Ideas are like fetus inside a mother’s womb,  it takes time to mature. At a time,  the fetus looks like a fish, at a time a lizard, before finally like a human.

Ideas are like eggs, they are very fragile, hold them carefully when they come! . Don’t ever underestimate how big it will become. Remember that ideas don’t come fully formed, they only become clearer as we act on them. You really have to start now!

Now, this is how to treat that idea:

  • Once it come, quickly write it down, make it plain upon the wall.
  • Ideas are like lonely beings, they need who to talk with,  after penning it to the wall, talk to it daily.
  • When the idea is still on the inside of you, believe in it.
  • When, it is born, nurture it like a baby, feed it with information, for that’s what it needs to grow!
  • Never, never underestimate the value of your ideas. Ideas are jewels; they are mud-like and unbehold-able in their ore. But they worth an unquantifiable amount once refined!

I believe in my ideas, do you believe in yours?.

When it is in your mind, it will soon be in your hand. If you believe in your ideas,  Work on it!.

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