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How to become an expert in anything

Jean-Batiste de Lamarck’s hypothesis on evolution states: the part of the body we use frequently becomes stronger daily while the part we use less frequently becomes weaker

daily and will be lost completely with time subsequent generation.
His hypothesis suggested that earliest serpents had limbs and the earliest giraffes had short necks. However, serpents limbs became shorter and were eventually lost since they were not used, while giraffes necks grew longer with generation for they occasionally stretch forth their necks to eat young leaves from tall trees.
Studies on tailbone of mammals suggested that the long or pronounced tailbone (coccyx) in monkeys results from their frequent use in maintaining arboreal balance, and shooing flies away, while the coccyx in man became shorter with time since man did not use it.
Becoming an expert in whatever one does entails the following:

PRACTICE: Gifting and talents are not enough.

If you want to become an expert in writing; write, write, and write. Are you are painter and you want to be the very best in painting. Here is a secret for you. Paint, paint, and Paint!

-Nguagi wa thiongi.

ENTHUSIASM: We’ve got to love what we are doing, passion is the mother of performance. Passion is what pushes one to ask questions and to get information.
GET INFORMATION: There is always a better way to do a thing. There is always a newer and less stressful technique for carrying out every task. Abraham Lincoln said:

“If I am given six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four hours sharpening the axe”.

Ignorance will draw out sweat from one and weary one while performing a task.
SET YOUR MIND ON THE TASK: our brain is like a toddler that can be tricked into doing anything we want it to do. If we set our minds toward knowing something, sure, we will. One must throw oneself fully into the task at hand to get an excellent result.


Criticism may not be agreeable, but it is necessary. It calls attention to an unhealthy state of a thing

– Winston Churchill.

I will rather be attacked than be satisfied with my work go unnoticed

-Samuel Robinson.
There was a story of two kings, which were worst enemies. The two were invited to a banquet in a far away country by another King in a bid to solve the quarrel between them. One of the kings had mouth odor, but did not know and loves to talk loudly with his mouth opened wide. This became unbearable for the Opposing King, that in anger shouted, “Shut up, you’ve got a mouth odor”. He went home sadly and asked his beautiful wife. Do I really have mouth odor he asked his queen. Yes my Lord, the queen replied.
But why didn’t you for once tell me, the king asked. I never told you because I do no want you to feel bad, his wife answered. Then the king realized that, being around those who love us all the time will hinder one’s growth and development. It’s high time I visited a dentist!. Embrace criticism!.

YOU’VE GOT TO STAY HEALTHY: You need strength for the journey. Borrow this quote


– Benjamin Franklin

Eat well, drink well and rest well, exercise well, you need to stay fit for the journey

– Diya Solomon.

POSITIVE AFFIRMATION: We were like grasshoppers before the Sons of Anak, the spies sent to the land of Canaan said. The sons of Anak are bread for us Caleb said. And God said unto the spies, a grasshopper u call yourself, a grasshopper u will become! And God said to Caleb, a bread you call them, a bread they will become unto you. Give me this mountain Caleb asked, and I will drive out the inhabitants and I and my children from generation to generation will inhabit it. Without much ado, the mountain was given to him and he and his descendants possessed it.
What we ask for, we get. The creator answers the imagination of the heart and give to every man according to his demand.

I will become a successful cartoonist,

Scott Adams affirms daily for many years before he became one

I am going to do something called online shopping company

said Jack ma, the founder of Alibaba Group in 1994 when apparently little was known about online shopping.

I believe this young company, I will not sell it

said Mark Zuckerberg when pressures were mounted on him by Co-workers in 2005 to sell it to the BIG COMPANIES, before facebook experienced a boom.

TEACH PEOPLE: Be impact driven, ideas unshared are as good as dead, experts who don’t share their ideas are as good as unknown.
The bottom line is that, you have got to use that hand in doing what you love doing, lest it grit’s weaker, shorter and eventually if care is not taken lost completely.

Hurry now, one must not keep a dream waiting, if your desire is to become an expert in your field, get to work and become one!.


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