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It’s another episode on breaking free again.

Every one was seated when Mr Comforter came in… All cheered him as he took the floor to anchor the program.

Recently, I had been reading a book titled, I kissed dating good bye by Joshua Harris. And I came across a wonderful story of a woman who dreamt that her many ex came on their wedding day and stood at her back when she was called up to make her wedding vows… literally meaning that she is going into marriage with the beauty and scars her former relationships has left in left in her. Mr Comforter said.

Meaning, whenever she cooks for her husband, she cooks with the mind set of how John, Dave, Kim of her past relationships would have loved it served.

When ever she has sex, she thinks of how John, Dave, Kim would have love it done… meaning, it’s too many people in her married to a spouse.

The question is how can she enjoy her new spouse when old relationship memories still lingers?…

The same goes with s*x addiction. How can you be satisfied with your current fiance or spouse when you have seen the shape of many n*ked ladies online?… It’s like a sea that never dries. So is the quest to get a new fiancé or spouse with new body shape.

Even the scripture says: “Let the breast of the wife of your youth satisfy thee”… But how can we be satisfied when we keep on exposing ourselves to a whole lot of inappropriate images and video graphics that promotes n*dity.

Like the sea that never dries, so is the quest to get a new mate will be.

It should be noted, no human shape or body is perfect… after all, the word says … beauty is deceitful, like a flash it fades away (paraphrased).

If we ask the sculptors of old they we says the raw material was rough and unattractive when they first saw it. They made it beautiful by looking at it, shaping and re-shaping.

We can beautify anything we are committed to and wholeheartedly ready to make beautiful.

Can we go home today and make amendment s to that relationship that is breaking.

Tell him, you’re the most beautiful thing I have ever seen.

You’re the best thing that has ever happened to me.

I thank God for bringing you into my life.

I am committed to you, we will walk through this together.


The same thing is applicable to women. Please relate that your mate too.

All clapped as Mr Comforter round off.

See you next time he said

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